Ivison, John Burgess 1918-1941

John Burgess Ivison  was born 18 October 1918, he was single and served with the Royal Naval Special Reserve as an engineer. Petty Officer No. 16340 on 'Mohawk' he was killed in action on 16 April 1941. Medals awarded - 1939-45 Star, North Africa Star and War Medal.The letter reproduced below was sent by Miss Jane Cowen to his grieving parents at their address in Delacour Road, Blaydon.Stella Hall, Blaydon - on-Tyne

29 April 1941 

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Iveson,

I have learnt with feelings of the most profound regret that your dearly loved son has passed from this world. Most sincerely, most
lamentably do I sympathise with you in your unbearable bereavement.You are indeed sorely bereaved to have to mourn the loss of a son so good and so brave, at the beginning of his beautiful manhood. He lived a blameless life and he has died a Hero fighting for his country and for us all. Words are cold to express all I feel, but having a firm belief that death is the beginning of another life where at some future day we shall again rejoin our beloved ones in a happier and brighter world consoles us all in our deepest  sorrow.

I have often thought of your dear sister Mrs. Gaule and have felt much for her in her sorrow.  My heartfelt sympathy goes out to her as it does to you.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Iveson,   Yours very truly,   Jane Cowen.                                                                                      
 To Mrs. & Mrs. Iveson.   PS. I would have written before but have been ill. JC