Blaydon War Memorial - the unveiling




 Built in granite at a cost of £1000.00, the subscription fund was started by Miss Jane Cowen and Col. Joseph Cowen who each gave £200 and then they made up the deficit at the end so that the memorial could be unveiled free of debt. Rutter Carr the Chairman of the War Memorial Committee said that over 1500 lads had joined the colours and it was sad and sorrowful that over 300 fell – most of them on foreign soil and ‘Made that foreign soil forever part of England’. 

The statue was unveiled by Miss Cowen who gave an eloquent speech praising the valiant souls whose names were inscribed on the stone and she said she felt acutely her deficiencies for the sacred task and knew her only qualification was that she was a Blaydonian born and bred. The memorial booklet was paid for by Miss Cowen and copies were given to the nearest relatives of the fallen.

Miss Cowen was presented with a silver statuette of the memorial to mark the occasion.


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