Celebrating Peace

Street Party at John Street, Blaydon



Pte. Thomas Forbes D.L.I. of Winlaton who won the Military Medal was honoured on Saturday afternoon. Coun. William Latimer, chairman of the Blaydon Council drove the hero round the village in his motor car. There was also a procession headed by the Winlaton Village Band and the members of the Welcome Home Committee. This was followed by a public presentation in the Gem Picture Hall, kindly granted by Mrs. Fisher, Coun. Latimer presided over a crowded audience.The Chairman, in his remarks referred to the late Pte. W.T.Taylor of Blaydon Burn and Pte. George Atkinson of Winlaton both of whom also won the Military Medal, but who had since made the great sacrifice, and said he was exceedingly pleased that the committee has decided not to allow the memory of these men to go down, but that the same recognition of their heroic conduct should be shown as if they had been spared. Whilst they were exceedingly pleased and glad to honour men who came back, yet at the same time they did not forget the men who never came back – men who had covered themselves with glory in the trenches and laid down their lives for them and their country. That was a thing he did not want them to forget that these men had laid down their lives for them.

Mr. Richard Adamson afterwards presented Pte. Forbes with a silver watch from the Welcome Home Committee. A silver watch was also handed to the late Pte. Taylor’s father. A suitable memento was handed to the grandparents of the late Pte. Atkinson.

A musical programme was gone through. Votes of thanks were also passed on the motion of Mr. Steel, seconded by Mr. Ridley.

Blaydon Courier  13 January 1917


George Armstrong Burns, had this medal presented to him by the village of Winlaton as a token of gratitude for services rendered in the ‘European War 1914-1919’.He had served in the Royal Navy Air Service, Balloon Corps during World War One and was then transferred to the Royal Air Force in 1917. He was in the First Royal Naval Brigade which was deployed to assist the Belgian army. The Brigade were forced to retreat and rather than being taken prisoner by the Germans they crossed into Holland.  Holland was, during the War, designated as a neutral country therefore any military personnel entering the country had to be interned for the duration of the conflict. 



Souvenir of the Great European War

War Declared August 4th  1914   Armistice Signed November 11th 1918

Peace Signed June 28th 1919

Peace Celebration September 6th 1919