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Posted by Richard Heron on 15/03/2019   Email

Anyone remember John Johnson , hawesdale crescent or nrthstreet , Johnson s North street

Posted by Ray Spoors on 17/12/2018   Email

Thank you to all who have contributed to this site, it's really important that these brave men are never forgotten.RE Sue Pilbeam, are you aware that your great-grandfather William Gill served in the same regiment and was sadly killed on the same day, 1st July 1916, as David Harkness Blakey who is also listed here? If anyone has any info regarding any of these men having played rugby for Winlaton Vulcans would you please contact me Thank you

Posted by Joanne Hughes on 05/08/2017

My Great Uncle was Wilkie Burdon who died in France in 1918. Thank you for all you are doing it is good to know that these brave men are not forgotten.

Posted by sue pilbeam on 12/05/2015

thanks for all the hard work in this site my great grand father named william gilll came from the winlaton area and died at the age of 39 in the first world war he left behind a wife and 2 children one of which was only 9 years old iam research the family and if any one has any information on them i would be most intrested many thanks sue

Posted by Alison Starkey on 12/11/2014

Thank you to the Blaydon Memorial Project. My grandfather eas only 9 years old when his older brother William Osborne died in WW1 so my mother knew no details of her Uncle Bill. Within minutes we have learned about my Great Uncle's fate and that he sadly died in April 1918. It has been useful to find information about the Uncle my mother and her siblings never got to meet.

Posted by Janet Todman on 19/10/2014   Email

Thank you to everyone who created and contributed to this website. It is much appreciated. My great grandfather lived in Blaydon and died in the Battle of Lys in 1918. His family remained in Blaydon. His supreme sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Posted by Dennis Shaw on 19/08/2014

Great work many thanks