Winlaton War Memorial WWII

Those of Winlaton who died home and abroad

                                                                               Their name liveth for evermore1939-1945

J.R.ALLINSON                                  F.G.BELL                               H.BLAKEY

T.BROWN                                          R.BRENNAN                        J.M.BURN
P.BILCLOUGH                                 G.BURRELL                          M.BURRELL

G.W.BROOME                                  B.CORR                                 A.CHARLTON

E.C.CHARLTON    V.C.                   G.DAVISON                             JENNIE DAVIDSON

J.DONNELLY                                   W.ESSON                              J.GRADY

J.GOUNDRY                                     E.HARDY                              R.W.HODGSON

J.HOPPER                                        F.HUGHES                            W.T.HUGHES

R.JOHNSON                                      J.R.JOHNSON                      J.R.JEAVONS

N.JOWETT                                         G.KENDAL                           T.LEWIS

W.MORGAN                                     J.MORTON                            J.E.MAUGHAN

J.W.PATTERSON                              J.PROCTOR                         T.ROBSON

R.ROBSON                                        J.REEVES                              A.RENWICK

J.SANDERSON                                 F.SHARP                                N.SLATER

A.V.SMITH                                        W.J.SINTON                          H.T.THORNTON

J.J.WARD                                           J.WALKER                            G.WATSON  


We have set up this virtual memorial to honour those from Blaydon and Winlaton who gave their lives during World War II    1939-1945

  As yet we do not have very much information relating to those named on the war memorials at Blaydon & Winlaton. We give here such
information as we have and we will add to this site if more information becomes available.

"When you go home, tell them of us and say,  For your tomorrow we gave our today"