Winlaton War Memorial - the Unveiling Ceremony



The War Memorial Cross at Winlaton is unusual in that it was dedicated six months before the end of WWI.A public meeting was called in August 1916 to decide on a war memorial. It cost £330 and the money was raised by public subscription + a large anonymous donation.  The stone used is  from Chollerford, the same stone was used for the spire and lantern at St. Nicholas, Newcastle.

The memorial was unveiled by Frank Priestman JP and dedicated on 22 May 1918 with a service attended by the Lord Bishop of Durham, Dr. Moule and the Rector of Winlaton Arthur Jones. A detachment from Tynemouth garrison played through the streets and gave the salute and ‘last post’. At the unveiling Mr. Priestman said ‘Between 800 and 1000 men had gone from that Parish. A large proportion had worked for firms with which he was connected and that made him more than ever interested in the memorial’.

In the photographs Frank Priestman in army uniform, Canon Arthur Jones wearing beretta and Bishop of Durham wearing velvet beret.

Photographs of the unveiling ceremony courtesy of Brian Davy and St. Paul’s Church, Winlaton.